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Tile & grout Sealing in Darwin

Looking for luxurious yet affordable tile sealing in Darwin? Looking for something where your floors and surfaces receive the royal treatment they deserve? At Strip & Seal Darwin, we understand that tiles are not just functional elements; they are expressions of your unique style of your property. That's why we offer industry-leading tile sealing services in Darwin that will make your tiles shine and keep them protected for years to come.

We are your specialists for all things floor sealing, including tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and tile sealing. If you need advice on getting your tiles looking great again, then you have come to the best place in Darwin. Simply put, we are the experts in the trade! Whether you have old or brand new floors, our experts can make your tiles look incredible again.

If you're ready to give your tiles the five star treatment they deserve, then you should choose Strip & Seal Darwin for all your tile sealing needs. We service the entirety of Darwin & Katherine!

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Tile sealing in Darwin

What types of tiles do we seal?

Porcelain tile sealing in Darwin

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are renowned for their durability and resistance to water absorption. Thanks to their non-porous nature, most porcelain tiles do not require sealing. However, certain varieties may have micro-pores or textured surfaces that can benefit from a protective sealant. At Strip & Seal Darwin our professional porcelain tile sealing can provide an extra layer of safeguarding against any potential vulnerabilities, ensuring your porcelain tiles remain flawless and pristine for years to come.

Certain porcelain tiles such as nano-porcelain are pre-sealed in the factory, which requires high quality products to seal correctly. Our team can provide you with this specific type of sealing.

Stone tile sealing in Darwin

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles, including marble, granite, travertine, and slate, possess exquisite beauty and unique characteristics. However, they are highly porous, making them susceptible to staining and damage from spills, oils, and other contaminants. Our stone tiling sealing service is absolutely essential to preserve their elegance and protect them from potential harm. Professional stone tile sealants create a barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating the surface, allowing you to relish in the stunning allure of your natural stone tiles without worry or hassle.

Ceramic tile sealing in Darwin

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are known for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. While they have a protective glaze that reduces their porosity compared to natural stone, they can still be vulnerable to staining and wear over time. By investing in professional ceramic tile sealing for your ceramic tiles, you enhance their longevity and maintain their captivating appearance. The sealant acts as an additional shield, guarding against unsightly stains and ensuring your ceramic tiles remain a testament to timeless beauty.

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Benefits of Tile Sealing Darwin


Stain Resistance

Picture this... a busy kitchen where spills and accidents are a daily occurrence, we've all seen it. But fret not! With Strip & Seal Darwin's long-lasting tile sealing, your worries about permanent stains and discoloration will become a thing of the past. Our sealing process creates a protective barrier that repels stains and spills, allowing you to effortlessly wipe them away. Say goodbye to the headaches of stubborn stains and hello to a spotless and pristine tile flooring surface!

Moisture Protection

Living in Darwin's tropical climate means being acquainted with high humidity levels and the occasional water exposure. But fear not, dear homeowner! Our tile floor sealing service adds an extra layer of defense against moisture penetration. By protecting your tiles from the perils of mold, mildew, and water damage, we ensure the longevity of your tiled surfaces. Breathe easy and relish in the knowledge that your tiles will remain flawless and beautiful for years to come.

Easy Maintenance

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing and cleaning your tiles, only to have them look lackluster? We understand your frustration, and that's why we offer a solution that will revolutionise your cleaning routine. Our professional tile sealing Darwin creates a barrier that keeps dirt, grime, and other contaminants at bay. With sealed tiles, maintenance becomes a breeze. Simply wipe away the dirt effortlessly, saving you precious time and effort. Embrace the joy of a sparkling clean home with minimal upkeep!

Enhanced Durability

Do you dream of tiles that withstand the test of time, preserving their original beauty through countless years? Our tile sealing services make that dream a reality. By strengthening the surface and fortifying it against wear and tear, Strip & Seal Darwin's sealant adds a protective shield to your tiles. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches, cracks, and fading caused by daily use. With our expertise, your tiles will maintain their stunning allure and durability, ensuring your home remains a sight to behold.

what Tile Sealers do we use?

Topical Sealers

These sealers are the superheroes of the tile world and the most popular choice amongst Darwin homeowners. Ideal for adding a glossy finish and providing excellent surface protection, they're particularly effective for ceramic and porcelain tiles. With a single coat, they'll make your tiles shine while guarding against stains, moisture, and whatever life throws at them.

Topical sealants are great for tiles as they help prevent scratching, scuffing, and staining on the tile itself, instead the sealant will take the blow of the damage. It's a lot easier to scratch than most other sealants, so typically lasts a lot less than other sealants and requires more frequent applications. It's the cheapest option out of all the sealants.

They either come in a permanent sealer or removable sealer, depending on the type of tiles. Removable coatings are typically water-based which gives it the easy strippable properties. Permanent coatings are highly difficult to remove and should never be used on stone tiles. Our experts can help you assess your tiles and recommend the best topical sealants for your tiles. We use the highest quality products on the market.

Penetrating Sealers

When you've got natural stone, marble, travertine, slate, or granite tiles, you need a workforce that's willing to get down and dirty. That's where penetrating sealers come in—the true blue-collar workers of the tile sealing world. These sealers roll up their sleeves and dive deep into your tiles' pores, creating a rugged shield that lasts.

Getting Strip & Seal Darwin's penetrating sealings to tirelessly protect your tiles from water damage, staining, and the relentless assault of the elements is a fantastic way to protect your tiles. No matter if it's a spilled glass of wine, a splash from the shower, or the occasional muddy shoe, penetrating sealers have your back, ensuring your tiles are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. They also help protect your tiles from UV damage.

Our penetrating sealers typically have a lifetime of up to 10 years for you tiles. Areas near Darwin's beaches can expect a lower lifetime, expecting to see up to 8 years in durability.

If the tiles were non-slip to begin with, the best part about penetrating sealers is that it keeps your tiles non-slip even after the new sealant! They don't change the existing texture of the surface, but still repels water, oil, and stains like a good sealant should.

Solvent Sealers

When the job calls for heavy-duty protection, it's time to bring out the big guns: solvent-based sealers. These sealers are the heavyweights, ready to tackle outdoor surfaces and high-traffic areas with unwavering strength.

Perfect for outdoor tiles, deck tiles, porch tiles, driveway tiles, pool deck tiles, and any other tiles exposed to the elements. Strip & Seal Darwin's solvent sealers also great for indoor tiles too. They offer exceptional adhesion and durability, making them the perfect solution for pool tiles and outdoor spaces that see a lot of action.

Solvent-based tile sealers provide a semi-gloss finish once used and we usually apply two coats to the flooring, dissolving about 20mm into the stone. They stand strong against the harshest conditions, from scorching sun rays to torrential rainstorms. They're resistant to UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and even chemical exposure, ensuring your outdoor tiles maintain their toughness and integrity, no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.

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Tile sealing - before and after pics

why choose strip & Seal Darwin for your tile sealing

When you choose Strip & Seal Darwin, you can rest assured that we have the right sealer for the job. Our arsenal of sealers includes the versatile topical sealers for ceramic and porcelain tiles, the dependable penetrating sealers for natural stone and other porous surfaces, and the heavy-duty solvent-based sealers for outdoor and high-traffic areas. We know that every tile surface requires a specific type of protection, and our team of blue-collar experts will work tirelessly to ensure your tiles receive the sealant they need to stay resilient and beautiful for years to come.

Whether you're looking for residential or commercial tile sealing, to add a glossy sheen to your kitchen backsplash, or protect your outdoor pool tiles from the harsh elements, Strip & Seal Darwin has the right sealers and the hardworking expertise to get the job done. Our commitment to quality and our blue-collar work ethic mean that your tiles will receive the protection they deserve, ensuring they remain tough and resilient in the face of daily wear and tear.

Our tile sealing services in Darwin cover the following:

Indoor floor tiles
Store Fronts
Town Houses
Townhouses Tile cleaning
Walk ways
Commercial builds
Steps and stairs
Pool areas
Side walks
Cleaning companies
Shopping Centres
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Our tile sealing process

At Strip & Seal Darwin, we follow a very specific process to ensure that your tiles are sealed to perfection. Our highly skilled technicians utilise state-of-the-art sealing equipment and employ industry-leading techniques to achieve outstanding results for your tiles, no matter the state of it. We cover all suburbs of Darwin & Katherine.

Prepare the floors: We start by thoroughly cleaning the tiles to remove any dirt, grime, or residue. This step ensures that the sealant adheres properly to the surface, maximizing its effectiveness.

Apply the sealant: Our experts carefully apply the correct tile sealer, ensuring even coverage and complete protection. We make sure to use the correct sealant for the tile. Bottom of the barrel sealants will cause your tiles to turn a yellowish colour, so it is important to choose a professional team such as us who uses industry-grade products. We pay very close attention to detail, apply the best quality sealant on the market, making sure every nook and cranny receives the sealant it needs.

Drying and Curing: After the sealant is applied, we allow ample time for it to dry and cure. This critical step ensures that the sealant forms a strong bond with the tiles, creating a lasting barrier against damage and deterioration.

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